Introducing ALTIDO’s Galleria Collection through luxury apart-hotels

Introducing ALTIDO’s Galleria Collection

We’ve known for a long time the incredible property portfolio we have built as well as the unbeatable locations they are located in needed elevating in a whole new way to reach those people looking for something extra special on their travels, and we knew we had a niche selection across this collection that deserved it’s very own stage. 

The Galleria Collection by ALTIDO is designer, luxury spaces for experiential seekers. We curate our Galleria collection with optimum experience in mind, for those seeking something truly unique in an opulent setting. This has enabled us to build on our hospitality services even more, by building out ‘apart-hotels’ in our major cities. 


What inspired the name ‘Galleria Collection’ ?


In 2019 we redeveloped an office block in central Milan into a boutique hotel. It was the first Boutique Apart-Hotel in downtown Milan – with an exclusive view of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and just a few steps from Milan’s Cathedral. At the epicentre of high fashion and in the most prestigious location in the city, we wanted to combine the feeling you get in high-end hotel, with the privacy and homeliness of an apartment. We have twelve apart-hotel spaces, with bespoke services including arranging door to door airport transfers and booking of private tours. Breakfast, gourmet dinners and fine wines are provided in collaboration with the prestigious restaurant Savini Milano 1867, in order to offer an authentic Milanese experience to our guests who travel from all over the world. 


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What else have you got in the Galleria Collection by ALTIDO? 


We have incredible properties in the boutique range across all of our locations. Get in touch with us now for a recommendation, and watch where we go next with our Galleria Collection. 


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