Eat Edinburgh

Eat & Drink

While Scottish food usually rhymes with broth and has food as grey as the sky - Edinburgh has taken it upon itself to improve its culinary landscape and, boy, have the Scots delivered! Now, all you wee lassies and laddies - off you go soak up that whisky with some cracking food. 


1- White Horse - Royal Mile ££

Located right on the iconic Royal Mile, the White Horse is the perfect spot should you suffer from a sudden need for incredible oysters/excellent quick seafood after an exhausting hike to the castle.

2- Aurora - Leith ££

This quaint little eatery located in the heart of Leith is a little gem in the Scottish capital. The menu is changed weekly. The following week consistently better than the one before.  One of the best!

3- Condita - Michelin Star ££££ Newington

A Michelin-star restaurant in Newington. The produce is selected from a beautiful Victorian kitchen garden in the Scottish Borders. The food is pretty; the place is pretty, the plates are pretty, life is pretty, bon appetit.

4- The Little Chartroom £££ Leith Walk

Located on Albert Place, this cosy little restaurant filled with nautical charts is now also on the Promenade at Portobello beach should you fancy a snazzy (but delicious) quick bite while enjoying the sea breeze.

5- Cadiz  ££ - George St

Get the blue wine. Our very own Eithne has made it a requirement for all our lovely visitors. So get the blue wine, a wee selection of tapas and relax; you’re in Scotland.

6- Pickles ££ Broughton St 

A fantastic wine and cheese bar to reassess what a wonderful time you had in the Scottish capital. Our team loves it; you will love it. A true institution that has never failed us.

7- Dine - 10 Cambridge Street  ££ Lothian Rd

Booked a fun concert but forgot to eat prior? Let’s Dine then! With a startling menu that will fill you up just enough to go moshing away to your favourite artists, this is a little gem of a place to try out. Also, there is a tree in the restaurant.

8- Scran and Scallie - £££ Stockbridge

“Oh, I love a good burger; I really do. With chips and a beer and ice cream afterwards,” said Joe Wicks in an interview before offering the free Peloton package to kids during the lockdown. Well, Joe, Scran and Scallie have it all! To top it up, they also have an impressive collection of whiskies, should you fancy a cheeky wee dram between two lunges.

9- Harmonium - vegan ££ Broughton

Fancy some vegan food so good you won’t even know it’s vegan? Look no further. Every dish is carefully crafted to amaze your taste buds. A little favourite is the sweet apple spring rolls for dessert. 100/10.

10- Forage & Chatter £££ Alva Street

Are you an adventurer? A gallivanter of new sensations? We have the place for you. A menu full of ingredients scarcely heard of but that you can bring up in dinners. “Next time you should add Kohlrabi to your shepherd’s pie. Trust me, Suzanne; it’s the bomb.”