Frequently Asked Questions - Italy

How are you different from your competitors?

  • A highly personal guest and client service. We are here to meet the needs of you, our client, and every one of our guests. We treat your property as if it is our own and ensure our guests do the same. 
  • We pride ourselves on market-leading customer service. Our customer service team is available to owners and guests 24/7/365.
  • Our pricing is clear and transparent. We charge a set % of rental income which is clearly itemised in your monthly remittance.
  • Flexibility! Our owners can stay in their own property at whatever time the property is not booked throughout the year for a maximum of 60 days per year; 
  • You will have a dedicated client account manager that is always available to answer your questions and clarify your doubts.
  • Our 24/7 team is always on standby and provides reports back to HQ on anything that needs replacing, guest special requests, maintenance issues, and any concerns about the guests. We have a large team of operations and maintenance professionals ready to deal with these issues.
  • We have exclusive access to several high-end partners such as Homes & Villas by Marriott International, giving you access to over 150 million Marriott Bonvoy™ members.
  • We also maintain a large database of repeat guests - our ALTIDO ambassadors.


Where will you market my property?

  • We use a combination of online and offline channels:
  • Direct bookings through this website - we love it when guests book directly because they save money by not paying platform fees and your slice of the income is higher.
  • We were one of the first partners of Homes & Villas by Marriott International, giving you access to over 150 million Marriott Bonvoy™ members.
  • Airbnb provides a high level of visibility on the "quality" of the guest and provides a high supply of travellers.
  • We also use channels such as and HomeAway as they provide access to a global market through their primary and subsidiary platforms (such as Abritel, Owners Direct and VRBO)
  • The Plum Guide is a Michelin guide to short-term rental properties. Properties have to fit strict criteria to make it onto their platform. The Plum Guide demands slightly premium prices and high-quality guests.
  • We also maintain a large database of repeat guests - our ALTIDO ambassadors.


Do you manage room rentals?

  • No. We manage entire homes, villas, blocks, hotels and student accommodation.


Can you furnish my property?

  • Yes, we have a subsidiary business dedicated to the furnishing of short-term rental apartments; we can help you with a small refurbishment project or a full renovation. Check out our website for more information



What do you need from me?

  • 5 sets of keys, proof of ownership and the completion of our onboarding form
  • For full details of setting up for short-term lets, please refer to our helpful guide.


What is the ALTIDO Trust & Safety Guarantee?

  • The ALTIDO Trust & Safety Guarantee is our promise to deal with guest damages on your behalf, and endeavour to seek a positive resolution directly with the guests or through the platform. This compensation will take the form of a damage deposit or a direct claim via the Airbnb resolution centre. Our specialist short-term rental insurance covers large claims between £1,000 and £1 million.


What are the local regulations?

  • Our local sales manager will be happy to advise you about Italy’s regulations and will be transparent about whether your home will be suitable and compliant.


Do you operate outside of Milan?

  • Yes, we have offices in Como, Genova and Pisa; and we provide Booking Generator services globally.


How/when will I receive my rental income?

  • You will get paid on the 15th of every month for all the reservations that checked out the month before.


Do I need to provide my own linen/cleaning supplies?

  • No. We take care of all linen/towels, toiletries and cleaning.


Can I view my bookings and block days out in my calendar?

  • Yes, of course. Either speak to your dedicated ALTIDO account manager or log in to your very own online portal to view bookings and block out dates.


Will I have a dedicated account manager?

  • Yes, Luca and Sabrina will be dedicated to answering all your questions.


Do I have to pay a set-up or onboarding fee to get started?

  • Yes, if you sign up for a 1-year contract a set-up fee will be charged and it will be deducted from your first payment.
  • The set-up fee includes a professional photo shoot, a complete checkup of the apartments and all the procedure to list your property on every possible channel.
  • If you decide to sign a 2-year contract you won’t pay an onboarding fee.


What kind of taxes do I have to pay

  • We will pay your taxes for you. If you are a private owner, the Cedolare Secca is applied, and we will take care of paying it for you. Once a year we will send you a document stating all the tax payments we did on your behalf.


Who’s paying the city tax?

  • We will collect the city tax from the guest and we will take care of the payment to the local authorities.


Who will take care of providing guest data to the local police?

  • We will inform the local police with all the information about the guests.