How to decorate your studio flat

Every big city is known for its small flats, studios and unspacious properties. London is no different. Decorating a small flat and making the most out of the limited amount of space is no simple task. Listed below are some tricks sourced from interior designers that will make your home stand out, alongside some creative ideas to help you utilise the available space wisely. From affordable interiors to the creation of new spaces, there’s an endless range of options that can suit your home, allowing you to create a homely space without feeling cramped.



Tidy up 


Even though this sounds pretty obvious, tidying up your home and putting away clutter can make a huge difference, especially in smaller properties. Apart from the usual clutter (magazines, post, etc.), it’s also important to avoid visual clutter (e.g.: too many appliances in the kitchen), so having a lot of covered storage space like boxes, cabinets or curtains gives a clean look.




Master of disguise


Following the last point, a great way to maximise your space and make sure you have an organised environment is to get creative and find ways to store as many things away as possible. Find pieces that can be folded up when not in use like beds and dining tables or go all out and store away everything in drawers and cabinets.                


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Credits: The Wall Street Journal


Create divisions 


When you are living in a studio, having everything in one space can become a bit cramped, so creating separate areas is the trick. Incorporate a division between your bed and the rest of the studio with bookshelves, a curtain or folding screens. Alternatively, you could build a walk-in closet by adding an artificial wall and placing shelves and rails on the wall to make it a bit more organised and spacious. You can also use decorative items to outline different zones, like placing a rug on the floor to create a defining line between the living room area and the kitchen.


Credit: IKEA


Define a colour scheme


When decorating a small property, it’s important to stick to one colour scheme to keep it cohesive. Painting the walls a dark colour like deep blue or dark grey will help camouflage the small size of the property. The smaller the space, the darker you can go. On the other hand, if you have a bright & airy space you can opt for neutral tones like beige or white to help reflect the light and make the room feel more spacious.



Get creative 


When decorating a small space, creativity is key. If you don’t mind a bit of DIY, consider building a spice rack for the kitchen, using vertical plant holders to add character or adding floating shelves for your books and frames. These are all simple additions that don’t take up too much floor space. Pegboards are also useful as they can be utilised in various ways and offer an affordable solution to changing things around.



Use standout items


Finally, don’t be afraid to be bold and have fun with the interiors of your flat. Add eye-catching items like a big picture frame, a big round mirror, a plant or a cool lamp to make your home standout.