We’re not just a hospitality provider.

In March 2021, ALTIDO partnered with Treedom, who have helped us plant and adopt our very own ALTIDO forest in Cameroon, Central Africa. With COP26 (the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference) in full swing, we have been even more inspired, and we would love to share our story about our incredible partnership and our journey to become more sustainable.



Why are we planting trees?

Well, why isn’t everyone planting trees? Tree planting and reforestation are fundamental to the survival of our planet and also the most immediate way for ALTIDO to make a difference in reducing greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. Treedom ensures that this is a simple and easy achievement for us with their brilliant service.

Our relationship began in Italy and quickly became a company-wide initiative, with the exciting news spreading to our offices in Portugal and the United Kingdom. Before we knew it we had our very own ALTIDO forest.



What types of trees do we have? 


The ALTIDO forest consists of 200 trees in total, which include a variety of cacao, banana, and mandarin trees. The majority of our trees have been adopted by ALTIDONIANS (our valued employees), who are able to track the progress of their own trees by logging on to Treedom’s unique portal. 



We even get to name our own trees! Some of us have been more humble in this process, for example calling a cacao tree, ‘Cacao’, while others have gotten a lot more creative.




Why have we chosen these particular trees? 


Treedom offers an easy-to-use and informative portal where you can choose from a range of tree types. The main goal of the forest is to create sustainable agroforestry systems that will condition and protect native ecosystems while supporting the local economy.

Cacao harvesting, for example, is one of the main sources of income for farmers in Cameroon - hence why we are choosing to fight climate change by planting trees with multifaceted benefits.



Is tree planting all that good for the environment?


Believe it or not, not all tree planting is beneficial to the environment. 

Our partners at Treedom and local farmers are working hard to carefully select the correct combination of species that will flourish together and protect the forest from elements of the often-harsh climate of west-central Africa. 

In fact, stopping deforestation is one of the highest priority goals of COP26. On November 2, 2021, many of the world’s leaders pledged to work together to create agroforestry systems that fulfill the need for sustainable development in the industry. 


What’s next?


The ALTIDO Forest is still young, but by the time our trees reach maturity in approximately 2031, the forest will be absorbing an estimated 10,050kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. By then, we plan to have added many more green friends to both our forest and the ALTIDONIAN family, to continue saving the planet one step at a time. 

On top of all the other ways we’ve built sustainability into our business, the planting of trees will have a significant impact on offsetting our carbon footprint.

Our ALTIDO family is extremely passionate about a greener future by becoming more sustainable in day-to-day life as well as in our workplace. We would love it if you would join our journey and take a few small steps towards big changes.

You can read more about what ALTIDO is doing, on our website blog.