Why do your hospitality internship at ALTIDO?

Article reposted from Linkedin, authored by Anthony Lee, Head of Operations, London. Add him on Linkedin here.

"Throughout my time at ALTIDO, even to this very day, I have been asked by candidates “why should I choose ALTIDO over a bigger company?”.

Students, whether undergoing an apprenticeship, undergraduate, or postgraduate, face this challenge. My suggestion is to evaluate both pros and cons and understand what your needs are. It may also depend on the course you are currently undertaking. For example, a student studying operations management may want something more hands-on, gaining the exposure to real-life scenarios rather than an office-based internship that is more “scripted” to what he or she would do. Big companies may offer recognition and or apparent stability; however, smaller companies can offer  more personalisation and meaningful work to candidates. 

At ALTIDO, we offer our candidates the opportunity to personalise their internship experiences, whether in a hands-on operations role or an office-based customer service internship. Ask yourself if you would prefer to have a small piece of the pie or a more considerable piece and have your voice heard? In other words, make an impact.

At ALTIDO, interns will be given real responsibility but in a structured and supportive environment where they have the option to undertake projects aligned with their degree/course. Their managers will support their progress with professional development plans, the results of which look fantastic on CVs.

We have worked with various educational institutions and internship companies worldwide to provide a unique internship experience, predominantly with cross-functional internships. 

"Work hard, play hard", they say, and we strongly believe in that. Some of the many social outings we had as a team include mini-golf, a private group tour in the parliament, BBQs, hot sauce challenge or something as simple as beer at the office on a Friday. 

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ALtIDO London staff and interns enjoying some scorching wings.

Since establishing an internship programme at ALTIDO back in 2018, we have always encouraged talented individuals to be creative, innovative, and impact the day-to-day running of ALTIDO. Pre-covid times, 25% of our interns in London were offered a full-time role within the company. 2020 has been a tough year for everyone in the industry and other sectors, but that does not mean that the talent is not out there. Throughout the year, ALTIDO has committed to offering internships, and we have even hired our most recent operations team member at the end of her's.

On behalf of ALTIDO, we wish everyone a happy 2021 and may this year be a prosperous one. If you are interested in an internship with ALTIDO in 2021, get in touch for more information as we are consistently seeking fresh talent."