Quick Guide To Shortlet Home Setup

Do you know how to set up your property, ready for guests? Do you want them to feel at home and create the most amazing, memorable experience while visiting the United Kingdom?

Peak season is approaching; Easter weekend is booking up; "staycations" are being planned, and that Scottish summer sunshine is on the horizon.

You may not own that dreamy beach hut in Australia, but you can still make the most out of your space by dressing your home, creating a large impact on your occupancy rates and revenue. Being experts in the industry and having gathered an abundance of feedback from guests, we are here to help and advise you on becoming guest-ready and boosting that Four Star rating to an extraordinary Five Star.

If you are looking to capture the attention of the growing number of domestic travellers within the UK this year, this is the time to start preparing, and we have all the advice you need to become your very own interior designer!

Make your home as comfortable as possible - Throw in some rugs, plush pillows, comfy cushions, throws and blankets to give your guests that snug and welcoming feeling from the moment they step foot through the door. Provide a relaxation hub for your guests, and you are already on your way to that five-star review.

Throws and pillows add texture to the vast expanse of a super king bed.

Make your home Unique - Allow your property rental to stand out from the rest and become attractive by converting unused spaces. Why not create a cute and cosy bed cabin; A relaxed corner for reading, A space for some well-needed meditation, or simply a useful space for guests to store their holiday clothes and belongings.   

Lighting in your Holiday Home - Pay attention to how your space is lit. Bright lights often make your space feel less homely. Ensuring your vacation rental has appropriate lighting to create that bright and spacious ambience for guests to relax and enjoy their stay. If you are doing a refurb or building project, have a good think about how many spotlights you want and where to put them. Electricians tend to favour covering the entire ceiling in spotlights (go figure), but if you already have a beautifully lit space, it could be overkill. Keep your living space interesting with a mixture of ceiling lights, lampshades, task lighting and ambient lighting. Go that extra mile and invest in blackout curtains so guests can enjoy a good night's sleep, or fully recover from their jet lag, without being woken up by the early morning brightness.

Light and simplicity.

Be Minimalistic - Remove any personal belongings and avoid clutter. It is important to have everything your guests require, but nothing anyone can see. Remember, when you are on vacation, less is more!

Add Unique Features and Curiosities - With minimalism in mind, don't be afraid to show your personality throughout the property. Here are a few ideas we have recommended to our owners over the years: your favourite coffee table books, local artwork, colourful prints and blackboards for guests to leave notes of thanks.

Book this lovely one-bed in trendy Stockbridge here.

Recommendations and Advice - Travellers have come to your home, to visit your country, so why not provide them with a Guest Manual of all the local amenities, public transport to the city centre, hidden bars, restaurants, cafes.

Your Traveller's Needs - As well as looking beautiful, your short-term let needs to be functional. Here are some ideas of items to stock in your home to make your guests more comfortable: earplugs, travel adaptors, board games, a pack of cards, enough glasses and crockery for all guests, coat hooks, a capsule coffee machine, high-quality fake plants; and most important of all - super-fast WiFi.

Professional Photographs - This is the most important part! Book your local professional photographer to come to snap up some shots of your beautiful short-term rental that you have personally designed. There is nothing better than showing off your fully furnished space with well-lit and staged photographs. You will need to give your photographer strict instructions to keep the photos realistic i.e. no artistic filters or photoshopping. We love our photographer, so do get in touch if you need one - he is very reliable and reasonably priced.

Just another room in the house.

Create a space that makes you happy! 

Travellers don’t just want to go on a tripthey want to fully experience it.

You can view a list of our short-let requirements here.